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McMillans Dachshunds is a small breeder raising longhair and smooth
miniature dachshunds exclusively. We
believe that is important to love and socialize each dog. Our dogs are raised in our home and socialized daily with
either us or our guardian families. Our dachshunds come in a variety of colors and patterns like English Cream,
Silver Dapple, Piebald, Isabella, Chocolate and Blue. We have researched the breed extensively and carefully
plan each and every breeding.

When we were blessed with our first Dachshund after waiting years for the right time to get one - it was love at
first sight. Our family lives in the beautiful Methow Valley, in Twisp, WA. Twisp is located in North Central
Washington in Okanogan County. We have 2 locations to raise our wonderful dogs. Lovely acreage on a small farm
with lots of trees, the Methow River and a small pond. Our Dachshunds love to play outside, chase the occasional
bird, groundhog or rabbit, run in the sprinklers, or just roll around in the grass with each other. *NOTE -- We were
located in Kelso, WA for 9 years before relocating back to Twisp, WA.

We have over 14 years of experience with raising dachshunds. Puppies may not always available but if you’re
looking for a certain color or coat let us know and we’ll let you know when one becomes available. We look
forward to providing you with the puppy of your dreams.

We place our puppies in forever homes with a spay/neuter contract, unless otherwise agreed upon. The puppies we
are blessed with are all very special to us, and they will always have a home at McMillan's Dachshunds, for life, if
for some reason the new owners cannot keep their puppy. We always knew we wanted to raise puppies, and have
found our "forever" breed. They have made us so happy, its just a joy to have a dachshund in your life.

We have a waiting list for our exquisite puppies. If you are interested in getting a McMillan's Dachshund we would
recommend joining our waiting list. We feel when you make the commitment to bring a new puppy into your life
that your not continuing to "shop around" and your committed to working with one breeder. Therefore, our waiting
list does require a $200 non-refundable deposit. Any person's on our waiting list choose first from our available
puppies. The waiting list works like a hierarchy and choosing a puppy is based on the date your deposit is
received.  If any puppies are left available they will be posted on our website for sale. See the waiting list tab for
more information regarding our waiting list or continue reading below.
About Us
McMillan's Dachshunds
Home of Quality AKC Miniature Dachshunds
A view from our backyard in Spring 2007
A beautiful sunset from our backyard in Twisp - Summer 2006
Contact Us
Alisha & Jim McMillan

10am-5pm PST, Monday - Friday
11am-2pm PST, Saturday by appointment
** Sundays are reserved for family **

Feel free to email anytime! Emails will be
answered as promptly as possible!

206-755-9312 (cell)
Twisp, Washington ~ USA

Is there a waiting list to buy one of your puppies?
Some people reserve a puppy up to one year or more in advance. Approximately 90% of our puppies  are sold off of
our waiting list. A question we are often asked is, “How long is your waiting list?” There’s no easy answer to that
question. Although we may have many folks on our list, some are waiting for something very specific (ie: certain
color, certain gender) and they are willing to wait longer for their specific desire. We usually give an approximate
wait time of 2-6 months, and that just depends on what your looking for and how flexible you are with your choice.
If there is not a puppy currently available that you wish to adopt, your name stays on the waiting list and we will send
out notices the next time we have puppies available. The $200 non-refundable deposit that we require to be placed
on our waiting list never expires. The deposit is applied towards the purchase of a puppy when there is one
available for you to adopt.


Puppy Pricing: Our puppies start at $950  (+8.4% Sales Tax for WA residents) and go up from there depending on  
color, gender and quality. Females cost more than males. Dapples and English Creams start at $1250. A 50% non-
refundable deposit is required within 24 hours once a puppy is chosen, balance is paid at pickup. Deposits can be
paid via check, money order, cashiers check or Paypal. Paypal payments will add a 4% fee. Temperature controlled
shipping is  available in the Continental US for the cost of shipping based on location (usually around $350) for
puppies purchased as BREEDING/SHOW prospects only. Pet puppies CANNOT be shipped. However, we are
happy to meet you  at our local airport to pick up your pet puppy in person. Check with your airline if they require
any extra paperwork prior to flying with  your new puppy home.  Note - Full  AKC/Breeding/Show rights are offered
on a very limited basis to approved  small breeders only.


Selecting your puppy is easy. Generally around 4-6 weeks old the process begins! Individuals on our waiting list are
sent a notice either via email or Facebook that puppies are available. Once we send out notices you have 48 hours
to respond if there is a puppy available you are interested in adopting. Puppies are sold in order of your deposit date
(date you paid your $200 non-refundable deposit).  After 48 hours all remaining puppies will be placed available to
the general public on a first come, first serve basis (upon approval). Whether you are in a nearby city or multiple
states away, we'll help guide you each step of the way. Many choose to make the selection from the convenience of
their own living room with the assistance of pictures, or videos and plenty of conversations(starting  at 4 weeks)!
You are encouraged to pick more than one choice in the event your chosen puppy is already adopted. Young
puppies are very susceptible to disease. We do not start in-home visits until 8 weeks old to allow  our puppies time
to build natural immunity before being handled. Usually at 8-9 weeks  old, they'll be ready to go home! NOTE: We
do not keep litter specific  deposits. If there is a certain litter/female your interested in your  more than welcome to
"pass" on current selections until you find a puppy  your interested in. Remember, the more specific you are in your
request  for a desired puppy (color, coat type, dam, eye color, etc) the longer  your wait for a new puppy will be.
McMillan's Dachshunds reserves the  right to first pick of any puppy, on all litters.
Again, we wish you all the best in your journey of finding the perfect puppy.   We know it's an important decision and
we're here to assist in any way  we can.  We'd love to hear from you so feel free to call or email us.
If you would like to join our waiting list contact us for a copy of our
Waiting List Contract and payment instructions.
206-755-9312 // info@mcmillansdoxies.com
Please note: We live in Washington State, Pacific Standard Time. Please do not call after 6pm PST. Feel free to
email anytime!

These puppies are worth the wait!
Payment information:

We require a payment of 50% of your puppy's purchase price to hold your puppy.
Deposit is

Deposits can be made via Paypal, Cashier check, money order, bank transfer, personal check or
Inquire for mailing address.
Paypal payments will include an additional 4% fee.
Puppies are not considered 'pending' until monies have been received.
No personal checks will be accepted for final payment.
Cash is required at time of pick-up for final payment.
Washington state residents will have 8% WA state sales tax added to all purchases.

We keep a waiting list for all of our puppies. Our waiting list requires a $200 non-refundable
deposit. This will hold your spot on our waiting list and roll over to each litter until a puppy is
Deposits are applied towards the purchase price of your puppy. We feel if you are placing a
deposit with McMillan's Dachshunds you are making a commitment to work with us to find the
puppy of your dreams.
We will work with you and your desires to help make that happen.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Payment arrangements are available, just ask!

Safe shipping is available on multiple airlines througout the world. We primarily use Delta,
Continental and Alaska Air. Inquire for details. Prices vary, but its typically around $350. This
price includes the airfare, an airlines approved crate (which you keep), the puppies health
certificate from a veterinarian, travel to airport, and food. Prices are subject to change at anytime
(airlines costs rise frequently).
**NOTE**: As of November 2013 we no longer are permitted to ship PET puppies sight un-seen
due to new USDA regulations. We are happy to meet you at the airport to purchase your puppy in
Breeding/Show puppies/adults are okay to ship. Pet Puppies cannot be shipped!

Delivery to Seattle, WA may be available depending on our schedules. This is NOT guaranteed.

Other info:
Our puppies are sold and advertised without AKC papers unless prior arrangements have been
made, including pet puppies.
All of our breeding dogs are AKC registered.
Puppies purchased for breeding and/or showing will be sold with Full AKC paperwork.