To be placed on the waitlist please email:
An $200 non-refundable deposit will hold your place in picking a puppy on a waiting
list. If the color/sex of the desired puppy is not available your deposit will be
transferred to another litter. Your deposit will be applied towards your puppy's
purchase price.

If you are interested in one of these litters and would like more information please
contact us. If you dont see what your looking for chances we have it coming up or
know someone who does. Please ask us!
**NOTE** Not all of these litters reside with us. Some litters live with their guardian
families. Inquire for details.
Upcoming Litters
McMillan's Dachshunds
Home of Quality AKC Miniature Dachshunds
McMillans Doxies will be breeding for 2017 - 2018 pups

Planned breedings include:

Violet - Longhair & Smooth dapples, dapple pies in ALL colors
Sprinks - Smooth & Longhair dapples, dapple pies in chocolate & black, blue issy
Lolly - Longhair Creams & piebalds in Cream, Blue & Black
Lady - Longhair & Smooth red, black, creams in solid & dapple
Savannah - Longhairs & smooth in black/cream & blue/cream - solid & dapple
Luna - longhair & smooths in blacks & blue in solid & dapple
Venus - Longhair & Smooth in black and blues, dapples & solid
Icee - smooths in cream, blue, isabella solid & piebald
Twinkie - Smooth & Longhair in black/cream
Lulu - ee Creams & Creams
Blondie - Smooth & Longhair Creams, Chocolates and Blacks in solid & dapple
Minnie - Smooth & Longhair in black and blues solid & piebald

*NOTE: Some of these litters will reside with their co-owners!
These are only planned litters and have not actually mated (all subject to change)



Phoebe & Sterling have bred
Puppies due late August
Expecting all longhair
Black/Cream, Blue/Cream, Creams in solid, dapple and possibly piebald