Our Girls
McMillan's Dachshunds
Home of Quality AKC Miniature Dachshunds

Longhair red brindle female
Our beautiful Abbey is all grown up now. Homebred, 3rd generation McMillan's
Dachshund! Abbey is a natural hunter and keeps our mole population down. She is
just a joy to us. Her granddam is Violet.
Weight: 9.1 lbs

Longhair Blue/Cream dapple female
Savannah has a very sweet, sunny personality. She's quiet and loving. Savannah is
a 4th generation McMillans Dachshund. Daughter of Skyler and Grand daughter of
Jack. She is also Sterlings sister.
Longhair Black/Cream female
Twinkie is a 4th generation McMillan's Dachshund and a full sister
to Luna and Venus.
She is out of our gorgeous male Skyler and Sasha. She could
carry blue and chocolate.
Weight: 10lbs
Smooth ee Cream female
Icee is a 4th generation McMillan's Dachshund.She loves to play
with toys and loves her people.
Weight: 9lbs

Longhair ee Cream female
Sweet, obedient girl, we love Phoebe so! Such a goofy, silly
personality she makes friends easy. Loves to dig and explore.
Weight: 9.1lbs
Longhair Blue/Cream Dapple female
Shimmer is a 5th generation McMillan's Dachshund. Her half sisters
are Thelma, Louise, and her full sister is Polly.
Weight: 9.3lbs
Longhair blue based Cream female
Thelma is a 5th generation McMillan's Dachshund. She is very playful and
loves everyone.
Weight: 10.6lbs

Longhair Cream Piebald female
Louise is a 5th generation McMillan's Dachshund. Louise is
very calm and sweet. Her sister is Thelma.
Weight: 9.8lbs
Smooth Cream female
Wynter is a 5th generation McMillan's Dachshund. Her dam is Icee. She will
be paired with Forrest in late 2019 for her 1st litter. We cant wait to see
these beautiful puppies.

Longhair Black & Cream female
Polly is a 5th generation McMillan's Dachshund.  Her dam is Lolly, sired by
Skyler. She is a grandaughter of our beautiful stud's Dancer and Jack. Her
half sisters are Shimmer, Thelma and Louise.
Weight: 10.6lbs
Smooth black & tan female
Saylor is a fun, energetic girl. Always looking for the next adventure. Her sweet,
playful personality makes her a favorite with the kids.

Weight: 9.8lbs
Longhair red female
Scarlet is a 4th generation McMillan's Dachshund. She is out of
Lady and Gavin and carries cream and chocolate. She will pair
up with Buddy or Forrest. (Pictured here with Wynter).