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Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on
Sunshine.  She is perfect for our family!  Jack
and her get along great.  She is very loving
and calm.  She is loving our house and has a
ball playing with all her new toys!  Thank you
very much for her.
Thank you, Max is doing great.  He seems to
be crate trained for the  most part. I take him
on a two block walk every night with our other
Dachshund and Max does  not even need a
leash, he stays so close.  He seems very
happy and is sooooo cudly. I have not heard
a single bark from him yet!
Abby and I had a fine trip together. She was so good -
stayed in her bed.
She took care of her business at each stop and was
content to cuddle her doggie the rest of the way. Of
course everyone LOVES her. I talked with my nephew
yesterday and he says she is still sleeping on my step
mom's neck on naps. She sleeps in her bed next to
theirs and is sleeping all night now, I hear.
The vet gave her a good bill of health and as of last
early week. She is friendly with everyone and very
playful. She loves to be outside.
Everyone is so pleased with her.  She brought so much
love and laughter to their home. It was so about time.
I'm sure she'll give them many years of joy. She has a
very sweet and gentle temperament. My dad says he'll
be happy when she looses her needle teeth...
Thanks again and have fun with your new little one to
Hi Alisha,  He's doing
great. Housebreaking is
seeming to be pretty easy.
Murphy's getting along
well with both the other
dogs.  Happy little guy.
Every morning he spends
about an hour giving me
puppy kisses and loves.
Thanks, Sandi
Sydney is such a sweet girl! She
loves to sleep on my lap! I enjoy
them so much. Thanks again for
such a great girl!
We renamed Greta, she is now Sadie.  She
is doing well, getting lighter and she is oh so
cute!  She and her sister Brie are best one
does.  I'll send you some cute pictures
soon.Thanks for being in touch!
I just wanted to drop you an email giving you
an update on how Beau is doing.  All is well
and he is adjusting to his new home.  I have
been taking him everywhere with me.  I have
him leash trained already - very smart little
guy!  Thanks so much for everything.  I have
renamed him Brodie.  He comes when
called already!
Just thought I would let you know how Amber/Grace has
adapted to her new home after three months.
She is adoring and adorable. People literally brake their
cars on the street and hop out to get a better look at her
and ask about her. She gathers smiles and friends every
time we walk in Eastsound Village on Orcas, where my
museum is located.  Now people don’t say “Hi Micki”, they
say “Hello Grace!”
She loves to ride the ferry, considers herself one of the

Thank you so much for holding her to be passed on as a
pet. She is a wonderful companion, and is heartily loved.

I just wanted to thank you for Sydney and let
you know that she is doing really good in her
new home. She is such a sweet dog! Anyway
just wanted to thank you for letting me pick
her up on Saturday, and for raising
such a great puppy. I think she is very happy
here, she is a huge Cuddle bug! :)


Well, here is a recent picture of our big girl! Just the most
awesome dog! Seriously, our love for her grows by the day!
Tons of personality--just like when we met her. I know that I say
this every time, but we are clear that we wouldn't have her if not
for your expert advice. Again, thanks for bringing Trulli into our
lives. We are loving every second of it! She is hugely healthy,
and loving her outside time as well as a warm lap in the
evenings. She still loves to steal a shoe our two. Her tail wags
constantly, and she is still a kisser (with ears being her
favorite). She loves to bring us a stick every now and then (the
bigger--the better), and she likes to chat (bark) with the
neighbor dogs at night. Hope everything is awesome with you

Take care,

Ryan, Tami, Preston, and Trulli
Vet said he came from really good parents.
He even asked if he could have info on you.
I'm very happy.  Gimli has growing so much
and I can't tell you how much we love him
and what a blessing he is.. You have a great
breed of baby's that turn into wonderful
Adults.. Thank you..

How is payment handled?
We require a deposit of 50% of your puppy's purchase price to reserve your puppy.
All Deposits are
non-refundable, non-transferrable.
Deposits can be made via Zelle, Venmo, or bank transfer.
Note - Puppies are not considered sold until deposit received.
We no longer accept payments via Paypal.
Puppies are not considered 'pending' until monies have been received.
No personal checks will be accepted for final payment.
Cash is required at time of pick-up for final balance payment.
ALL SALES will have 8.5% WA state sales tax added to their purchase.

How much are your puppies?
Our puppies start at $1850 and go up from there depending on color, gender and quality.
No puppies are priced until after birth. Dapples and English Creams start at $2000.

Do you have a waiting list?
We keep a waiting list for all of our litters. We feel if you are placing a deposit with
McMillan's Dachshunds you are making a commitment to work with us to find the puppy of
your dreams.
We will work with you and your desires to help make that happen.
To review our waiting list info click

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Still have questions? Just ask!

Other info:
Best place to follow for updates is our Facebook page (Link at top of page)
Our puppies are sold without AKC papers unless prior arrangements have been made.
All of our breeding dogs are AKC registered.
Our pet puppies cannot be used for breeding.
Puppies purchased for breeding and/or showing will be sold with Full AKC paperwork.
We offer Full AKC on a VERY limited basis to approved breeders only.

Recommended Puppy Supplies
We are often asked what are some things we recommend for your new puppy.
Over the years we have learned what we feel works best for our dachshunds.
Click link to see our list.
Puppy Supplies

Our Contract
This contract/health guarantee/bill of sale will accompany your puppy at pickup.
We will require you to sign this.
Please review so you are familiar with the terms and ask us any questions.

Visitation Policy
When can we come see your dachshunds or our puppy?
Email and ask us for a copy of our visitation Policy!

What do the puppies come with?
Puppies will go home with a puppy packet including health records, a 30 day treatment of
Revolution(flea/tick & heartworm treatment), a small bag of puppy food, treats, a toy and a
"lovey" that smells like their mom/siblings. All puppies come with age appropriate
vaccinations and de-worming.  We give all of our puppies Neopar (Parvo only vaccine) at 6
weeks of age for extra protection against Parvo, and then standard puppy boosters at 8, 12,
and 16 weeks. Our puppies come with a 12 or 24mo health guarantee. This covers a life
threatening health condition with a replacement puppy. See our contract for terms of our
health guarantee. Puppies are started on pad training and crate training before coming home.
All of our puppies are sold on a strict spay and neuter contract. All puppies must be altered
by 1 year of age.  

Do you health test your Dachshunds?
Per the AKC and Dachshund Club of America there are no recommended DNA health tests in
place for Dachshunds. There are a few health conditions that can accompany the Dachshund
breed. They are Pes Varus (very uncommon), IVDD, or Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
We do PRA test our stud dogs so we can avoid producing any effected puppies. This test is not
entirely accurate though, so we do not test every dog. If or when there are breed specific tests
recommended we will complete more testing.
After 16 years of breeding we are proud to say that we have never had any genetic issues that
would impair the quality of life of the dog. We stand behind our Dachshunds! Review the AKC
Dachshund information on the link below.

When can my puppy come home?
Our puppies go home between 8-10 weeks of age. We will not allow any puppies to go home
before 8 weeks old. Our moms and puppies self wean, so we do not take the mom away on a
certain date. This allows the mom and puppies a stress free weaning process when they are
ready. All of our puppies will have a 'ready date' given at purchase. If you cannot pickup on
that date be sure to let us know so other arrangements can be made, if possible. Puppies not
picked up on 'ready date' are subject to a daily board rate.
We do not ship our puppies, but we can meet you at our local airport in Wenatchee, WA for a
small delivery fee. You can also use a Flight Nanny to pickup your puppy.

How are your puppies raised?
Our puppies are born and raised in our dining room, surrounded by our children and the daily
noises of life. We believe this creates a well balanced, happy puppy that will make a great
companion. They are very well socialized. We start on pad training at 4 weeks of age. Toys
and chewies are provided for puppies as soon as they begin to show an interest. They
usually start eating dry kibble from mom's bowl around 3-4 weeks old.